Poem: A Call to the Church Today

Let every idol fall my love, and only Jesus reign

Let incense rise both day and night, to only One great name

The name of Jesus, our living hope, be lifted far above

Crushing every torment, and perfecting us in love

Let sons and daughters testify of the grace the Savior bears

To lonely hearts looking for love, and the sorrows that He shares

May His people serve but one throne, and be known by Heaven’s king,

Let both the weary and the wealthy His holy anthem sing.

For there is no separation between the people now…

The broken and the mended, the humble and the proud.

For Christ looks at the hearts of men, and with equity doth judge

Every motive, every action, done in strife or done in love.

Arise, Oh Church of God… be cleansed, you spotless bride!

Rid yourself of evil, for your bridegroom soon arrives.

Awake the slumbering brother, rouse the sister caught in sin…

For behold, He cometh quickly, to take us home with Him.

Soon the sun shall darken and the earth shall melt away

And we shall be with Jesus, forever to remain.

Free of old temptation’s snare…no more to war with sin.

Where all is perfect worship, and pain is never felt again.

So burn the idols from your heart…strip the lesser things away

Let our saving Shepherd lead you, hour by hour, day by day.

Stand firm against the evil day for the victory is won…

Though the enemy be mighty, He gives strength to little ones.

Arise Oh Church, and heed His call…the call to Holiness

He made you and I to worship…let us give Him nothing less.

A call to today’s church as we face the continual challenges from false teachers, wolves in sheep’s clothing, and the continual, yet expected, degradation of morality in society all around the world. Nonetheless, the bride of Christ will rise…Christ will have His bride…His church will not be silenced and will by His grace alone continue to prosper. This is a call to the church of today, all around the globe, to awaken to the call of God on our lives to pursue holiness, and to love and worship Him. You were chosen and set apart. Arise now…and worship your Lord. I bless you all and may you be filled and equipped by the Holy Spirit of God to fulfill every good thing that He has called you to.

With very great love,

~Lady Redeemed

And now Father I ask humbly and yet with confidence that you would reach around the world and touch your people as you see fit…and encourage them with this word of hope that you have granted your servant. Look upon your worshippers with pity and love, for we need your grace in all things, including standing in this evil day.

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