God’s Message for the Fearful

Oh but my darling, what do you mean your afraid of the dark? No my darling, you must never tremble at the falling of darkness, but put your hand in the only one who can make it tremble, for He is already holding on to you…and He never lets go…rest my darling, and never be afraid of the dark…for it only makes you grateful for the light…

Are you afraid of the pain? Oh but darling why would you fear this pain? Though it be great… For can you not remember, my darling, who it is that comes to you in pain? The Master, the great Master with comfort in His hands, to annoint the head of his little broken child. No…you shall not be afraid tho the waters rise high, for they will…and the great fires scorch your flesh, for they shall. Not the torrent of rain nor the hail of the heavens shall you fear. For your God commands them all, and shall come to His child. No…not even death shall you fear, for in His power it has become His servant…your servant…oh Darling, do not be afraid, please, do not fear this temporary test. For soon the the darkness of the sky shall ripple into light, as morning breaks. No my darling, most beloved…do not fear this great pain nor the ache of tragedy, not even the sting of chastisement’s whip upon your back. Remember my words…it is for good. It will pass. Hold on to the hand of the One who has ransomed you. Take hold of his hand, and of his mercy, and cling to it like a newborn child. For He has rescued you and called you loved, child, and blessed. His hand will not leave you in the test. No darling…do not be afraid…

Oh child of God, darling wrapped in His light, why would you be afraid? Tell me, whom shall you fear? For you are clothes in His righteousness and held in His hand. The one who made the universe, He speaks for you! Oh darling of God do you know who surrounds you? The Lord of hosts guards you all the day long and watches over you as you rest your head! The king of angels? He fights for you! This mighty God of grace and glory has looked upon you with favor and chosen out of many to ransom you from your sin! And The Lord of the Universe knows your name and is acquainted with all that you do! Of what shall you be afraid? Nothing.

My dear friends, the text above was a compilation of writings written at separate times that I have put together in blog format. How often we fear things such as pain or the dark. There were many times when these things caused me to tremble, and at times still do. As mere human beings it is in our nature to fear, but friend God understands these tendencies. He does not condemn you because you are afraid, no…rather He says: “For I am the LORD your God who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, Do not fear; I will help you” (Isaiah 41:13). The fact that fear is natural to our flesh does not mean it is not from the enemy of our souls and meant to hinder us from the work that God has for us, in fact it is an evidence of the work of the enemy. For the spirit and the flesh war against each other…and always will. It seems especially in this increasingly vile world that there is much to be afraid of…and indeed there is…but Jesus never said not to be afraid because there was nothing to fear. “You are of God, little children, and have overcome them, because He who is in you is greater than he who is in the world” (1 John 4:4). Our confidence is found in Him, and this point is especially important, because it is only through His power that we have any hope to overcome the principalities that wage war against our joy and our peace…or sometimes to even simply make it through the day. Our own power will fail us…indeed in and of ourselves we are right to be terrified…but if God is in us, we can live with boldness amid a fearful world, and in that our Father will be magnified in our lives.

With great love,

~Lady Redeemed

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