Better Leah Than Rachel

Dear readers,

It’s funny because last night I got caught up reading a part of my bible that I wasn’t even intending to read. I honestly didn’t think that it would even reveal anything spectacular to me, but I kept reading, because even just reading anything brought the greatest calm and peace over me. I wanted more, because I was receiving grace while reading. Then I got mind blown by the preciousness of God’s heart. I read the story of Laban and Jacob and Leah and Rachel. I don’t really like the story very much, because I hate how unfair and tricky Laban was, and how Jacob loved Rachel more, and Leah less. I missed the grace in the story, but it became clear last night. The story tells how God saw that Leah was less loved, and so he blessed her womb and gave her so many children, while for a while Rachel was barren. But besides that you just can almost see the special love that God had for Leah. Then I read further on that Rachel was the one that stole the idols. She hadn’t yet given them up. I take it that Leah had…I think the fact that she was less loved by Jacob probably caused Leah pain her whole life, but God was completely precious in filling that need in her heart. You see, Jacob loved Leah less, but God didn’t love her less at all. She was precious to Him. He always time and time again shows more love to those who are loved less, and they always love Him more, because He’s given them more grace. You see it everywhere in the Bible. He uses the weak to overpower the strong, uses the fool to bring shame to the wise, and scoops the lonely and lesser loved up in his arms and carries them close to his heart. Most preachers these days, or even more the Christian wives of the world always talk about the incredible love story of Jacob and Rachel, but just like everything that is human, the real love story is the one between Leah and God…all other loves pale in comparison to him. Christian women, the goal of your life is not to get married and bare children. There is far loftier a goal than that…your goal must be to honor God with your life, in whatever capacity that is. Your calling is to worship the King. It is indeed not good for man to be alone, but don’t wait to start living and loving and fulfilling God’s purposes for your life. It’s better to be a Leah in front of God than a Rachel.

-Lady Redeemed

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