She Trembled: Facing Waves with Jesus

She trembled, her heart at least, in the dark, as she looked with worried eyes at the world around her. As her mind sought him he instantly came, though he was really already there. He set her in his lap, his strong arms securing her in her seat as he draped her in the folds of his pearl white robes. She did not yet speak. The future and the present and the past intermingled, swirling in her mind like a black, foreboding ocean. “I’m scared”…She said in her heart, though her lips remained wordless. “I know”, He replied. She stared at the black, swirling water. Waiting for the reassurance that she knew would come. “What is it that you are afraid of, little girl?” She tugged at his robe, drawing it closer to her body. Noting the gesture, he pulled more of it over her, wrapping her more tightly in its folds. “A lot of things…” she said; “There are a lot of things I’m scared of.” He looked down at the small child seated in his lap with a deep, everlasting fondness; love. How small a child she was, able to be held and lifted and carried with ease. “I see…” He too now, gazed at the swirling tide; dark, foreboding, and to many of his human children, frightening. Of course, he looked at this tide with authority for it was He who commanded every wave and ripple, but in His everlasting kindness he understood all her fears. “Perhaps you are afraid, because it is bigger than you. Is that it?” She turned to look at him. “Yes…yes perhaps. At least a little.” He smiled at her. “Yes, at least a little. But, I am bigger than you too…and those many things that fill your heart with so much uncertainty.” She nodded her head, resting it on his chest as she watched all the worries and uncertainties in her world beginning to swirl. Suddenly, the dark water splashed onto her. “AH! AHH!” she yelled, emitting a panicked note from her lips. She jumped out of his arms and crawled under the chair. He watched her and shook his head. Rising from his seat, he bid the water to be still and instantly the swirling ceased and all became calm. What choice did it have? For the Master had spoken. Then he stooped and lifted his child from her hiding place. He stood with her for a minute in his arms, letting her watch the water that was no longer swirling. Then he put her down, and bent in front of her where she sat so that their eyes could meet. “Look at me” He said. She looked at him, a very dejected expression on her face. “What made you so afraid just then my dear?” “I thought it was going to hurt me.” He looked saddened with love, wishing only that his child would learn to trust him enough that the great waters of life would not scare her, no matter how they raged. “I only let it splash you a little…” he said. “I would never let it take you under to drown. Don’t you believe that?” He asked. She nodded. “Yes Lord.” “It must always do as I say, you know…” “Yes Lord”, she responded to him again. An everlasting, unmatched kindness radiated from his face as he looked at her. “Do you think that you can brave for me now, and face the water? Face it even when it isn’t calm?” She stared into his beautiful eyes; eyes that saw everything about her, and always would. “No.” she replied, shaking her head. He raised his eyebrows in anticipation. “At least, not all by myself. I can’t do that unless you hold my hand. He smiled, this was what he had been waiting for. He stood up and gave her his hand so that she could stand beside him. She sighed, and together they stood and looked at the water. “Remember,” he said to her, “I will not let you drown in this water…it’s ok if you get scared; I understand, and I’ll help you.” She looked at him and pondered what he said. “Just don’t let go of my hand”, she said. “Never”, he assured her with a smile. “Let’s go out into it.” To the child, it looked just as dark and threatening as always, it just wasn’t swirling anymore. It was calm for her Master had made it that way. The water touched her toes…and then covered her feet…and then went to her knees as she waded out. Step by step. She stopped and looked at him. “Come on,” he said, looking down at her. You can keep going. As she continued the water began to swirl, soon it was swirling all around her. Her little hand shook profusely in his big steady one. He looked at her so compassionately. “It’s ok.” He assured her. “I won’t let it hurt you; you must learn to trust me here.” He led her deeper. Soon they were above her head and she had to swim. He kept a steady eye on her. Suddenly, a great wave came and rose high above her head. She looked it her eyes wide in terror, then turned to look at her Master. “Help me!” she cried. The wave crashed down upon her head. She tumbled in the water, but she knew what he had promised her. She waited helpless but safe for his rescue to come. Soon she his big strong hands around her body, and he lifted her out. She spat water from her nose and mouth as her head reached the surface. She looked at him as he held her with both his hands with an odd look on her face. “That was NOT fun.” She said to him, scrunching up her face. “But I knew you would save me because of what you said, and you did…” She flung her arms around him and hugged him tightly. He smiled and held her. She pulled back and looked at him again. He took a finger and pushed a strand of soaking hair from her face. He turned her around to look at the water, still raging, but she felt no fear at all for He held her securely in his arms. He was satisfied that he had proved himself to her. She had learned to trust him and it was time for the storm to end. “That’s enough” he said to the waves, rebuking them. All was instantly still as it was before. He looked at her and as their eyes met he smiled with purest love. He was satisfied with his child for tonight. “That’s enough” he repeated to her. “You have done well”. She awoke in her bed, and closed her eyes again. Everything, everything would be alright.

Hello dear readers. In this you see my heart. I become vulnerable and lay it out in the open so that you might receive the blessing of grace and strength, and that you might from it draw closer to God. This little girl is me, often hiding and trembling as I face the waters of life and the trouble it brings, but called to bravery, great bravery, because He who commands the waves and seas also commands my heart and life, and goes with me. He is so gracious to us. This dramatized story reflects my need for Him to live without fear as I face life one step at a time. How small we are…and how big and strong He is. I love the Lord, and I hope that this helps you to love Him more as it has me. His heart is tender towards us.


Lady Redeemed

One thought on “She Trembled: Facing Waves with Jesus

  1. Matthew Wade

    I really enjoyed how you used water. I heard that when Jesus walked the earth the gentiles worshipped Baal which was the god of chaos. They believed that he calmed the seas by drawing the fresh water out of them and then would rain it onto their crops and give them fresh water to drink. That is why the gospel writers in my opinion put in the story of Jesus calming the storm as well as Jesus walking in the waters. He not only had complete control of the seas but if his body as well.

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