When Words Fall Short


Dear Friends,

I want to talk to you today about the preciousness of the Savior, and what happens when words fall short in expressing our needs and suffering to the Good Shepherd. To get to the point, quite often in our limited human capacity we fall short in talking to God. Needs too deep to express are found in all of us, and circumstances bring those needs to the surface. In tragedy or sorrow, we long for God to touch us and help us but overwhelmed, our words fail us when we want most desperately to communicate what we feel, and want, and need…from others, and from our Savior. Sometimes, we just don’t even know what to ask for…we don’t know how to pray, because we don’t always know what He wants for us. Sometimes, the powers of darkness enter the picture and seem to put a brick wall between us and God. Sometimes, all we can manage to say is “Lord please help…just help”. The wonderful thing about this frustrating predicament is that we don’t have to have the words we need to communicate our needs to the Savior. When words fall short, His power rises to overcome our human weakness and fragility, and as always, He meets us where we are to rescue us. One of my favorite promises from the Bible, the one on which this post centers, is Romans 8:26. In this verse we are assured “Likewise the Spirit helps us in our weakness. For we do not know what to pray for as we ought, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us with groanings too deep for words.” How precious is that? Our gracious Savior has always known of our weakness. He has always known that we would fall short in expressing what we need, or even how we feel. He knew that being the sheep that we are, we don’t even know what to pray for, or how to pray as we ought…and just as He interceded to rescue our souls, he intercedes to rescue us from every weakness. When words fall short, you need not become frustrated. He is not angry with us for not knowing how to pray or even how to speak. In these times He intercedes for us and utters much greater and fuller and richer petitions than we ever could. So often, I find myself asking Jesus to pray for me. To simply hear my heart when I cannot form the words. Imagine that, friend. That Jesus prays for you. Imagine the intercessions that he makes to the Father for us moment by moment, hour by hour, day by day… each one of us individually. Imagine what must happen in Heaven when we shed tears, or simply say His name. His heart is touched by you and I. He moves Heaven and Earth for us more than we will ever know. Are you lost for words in this moment? Has suffering overwhelmed you? Are you in need of something from the Savior, and don’t know what you should ask for? My friend are you tired and weary, and unable to even think about what to say? You can be still. In fact, that is what you are called to be. Be still and know that He is God and that He will be exalted among the nations (Psalm 46:10). You know where else He will be exalted? In your heart…in your life. He will have His way with you, and He will exalt Himself to a place of supremacy and radiance in your heart. This may come through suffering. It may come through sleepless nights. It may come through a time where your words fall short. But just like every other weakness that we can possibly have (there are lots of them I know…) Jesus is greater. And when He is greater than our weakness He is glorified. We love Him more as He proves Himself to be faithful…to be greater… to be good in all things, especially bad circumstances. When your words fall short in communicating with the Savior, take comfort in His overcoming power and His ability to understand us greater than we understand ourselves. He cares about every facet of you. You are His child, and you are precious…and day by day He is transforming you into His likeness. He understands you…He knows you… He sees you. You do not have to have the proper words…you do not have to pray in eloquent speech. The greatest communicator falls short in the ability to fully communicate with God. Fails in the quest to pray as we ought. None of us are capable of that…Roman’s 8:26 points that out. The Spirit overcomes our weakness, just as He does every other weakness known to man. That makes Christ all the more precious to me. That gives me peace that my inability to pray as I ought does not restrict the power of God. It gives me comfort and hope in times when words cannot come whether because of weariness, or sorrow…or mere human fragility. Let His promise comfort you in your weakness this day. He is greater than all…so do not fret when words fall short. You are fully known, fully understood, and wholly seen by your God, and you may rest in that when all else fails.


And now Savior I trust you to do as you promised in your word. I give you praise that your Word will not return unto you void but will accomplish every purpose for which you send it. I praise you for your greatness and your power, and your patience with us. I thank you that no human weakness or fragility can separate us from you. That you care for us and intercede for us that nothing is hidden from you and that your heart is touched by our infirmities. And now I ask you to bless your people and to prosper this word of truth that you have given to your servant. That you would strengthen and comfort hearts and bring healing and rest in everyone who reads this. Glorify your name in our hearts, and in the nations. To you be all the praise and honor and glory forever and ever, in every heart. Amen.

In the Love of Christ,

~Lady Redeemed

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