Poem: The Shepherd’s Lamb

Once there was a little lamb

Who was a lot like me,

And everywhere her Shepherd went,

The lamb wanted to be!

She followed him through grassy fields,

And drank at waters sweet…

And when the lamb grew weary

She laid down at His feet.

The Shepherd loved His little lamb,

The littlest lamb of all!

And He carried her on His shoulders

So that she would not fall.

But darkness fell upon the lamb,

And she was so afraid.

Then she remembered the promise,

That her Shepherd king had made.

See, the Shepherd had promised His little lamb

That she’d never walk alone,

And soon, the darkened sky would break

In the light of brilliant dawn.

And when the lamb could see the light

She turned, and looked behind!

Then the lamb saw clearly,

He had been there all this time!

Oh how she loved her Shepherd more

With every passing day,

For in the darkness He proved to her

That He would always stay.

Then through the years in tool and strife

The lamb held on to her Shepherds light.

And in the darkness found a way,

Held in her Shepherds heart to stay.

So when the path of life grows dark,

And the troubles linger near,

Come find your rest inside His hand!

And never ever fear.

Remember what the Shepherd said,

That you’ll never walk alone!

And every dark, and dim lit path

Will only lead us home. ❤️

***property of Lady Redeemed. Please remain ethical so that I can keep posting content such as this****

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Be blessed.

~Lady Redeemed.

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