Precious Dialogue…Trusting Like A Child

What do you have to fear now love?


What cause have you for shame now love?

“No cause.”

What, tell me will you do now love when the fear comes in the night or the panic rises in our chest?

“My lips will speak at once the Master’s name, and I will trust in him.”

Can slavery’s bonds ever hold you again in their grips?

“No, never. Free indeed.”

From whence comes your freedom that you may hold such a confidence?

“The Son has made me free, free from all. My confidence is found in Him who made me free, for He is greater than all.”

Will He in whom you trust ever leave you?

“Not even for a moment.”

What makes you so sure of this?

“The Word of God, in which he made this vow.”

This sovereign one who never leaves you, what is His name?

“Jesus, the Christ; the Lord of Heaven & Earth; the only begotten of the Father, full of grace and truth. The beginning and the end. The one who was, & is, & is to come. The God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and all the saints of history. The second person of the Trinity. The Savior of the world.”

And what is it that He calls you?

“Child. Precious. Beloved. Forever safe, forever free…the darling of the living God.”

And were you worthy of this salvation or this steadfast love?

“Surely not. I was just as the blind man…the leper…the beggar. I trembled without hope or help in the wake of sin’s curse. Unable to help myself, I cried out for mercy from the Savior. He heard my cries, scooped me up, and made me His child.”

Can you ever leave these hands that saved you?

“No. No one can take me from the Father’s hand, and I could never run so far that He could lose his grip on me. I am held in His hands forever more.”

And what now shall you do? How then shall you live?

“I shall live without fear, because the love of Jesus has set me free. I shall live as the servant of the Lord, and I will serve Him because I love Him. I will live to be His little light all of my days.”

A dialogue that I wrote to myself as a reminder of the truth when challenging questions and doubts arise. Everything said here is true. And now Father I pray that you would use the truth that has been spoken here tonight and use it to change the world. Let nothing hinder your hand or your work in those who are yours, and those who have not yet come to you.

~Lady Redeemed

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