Avenger Of Tears, Healer Of Hearts

This is a short post but one I deemed necessary. I wanted to remind you all that the God we serve avenges tears. You see, we often think of him as avenging things such as the blood of his saints, evildoers, etc., and rightly so. But I’ve learned that He also avenges tears. I refuse to believe that our tears do anything less than break the heart of God. He takes it seriously when people make us cry, whether out of careless callousness or an intent to wound. He’s also quick to comfort our hearts.

I remember once, someone important to me told me something that made me cry. It certainly wasn’t the first time, and it won’t be the last. This person said something that struck at so deep a place in my heart, and to this day have never apologized. Needless to say, I was upset by what was said so carelessly (or intentionally, I’m not sure which) and felt a variety of emotions. Because I was feeling hurt, I didn’t know how I could be cordial as I needed to with this person. This struggle in turn upset me even more. I wanted to be good, but my heart was getting in the way, and it wasn’t even my fault. I was amazed by what my God did in response. As I sat with a heart that was anxious with so many different emotions, He spoke to me gently. I could I tell that the needless pain I was bearing was hurting His own heart. “I’m sorry, little girl. I’m sorry they said that to you. They won’t apologize, so I’ll do it for them. They really shouldn’t have said that, but they did. Let me help your heart.” I can’t remember if I started bawling harder (my current reaction) my heart touched by His kindness, or if my heart became quiet in awe and amazement, becoming still as it obeyed His voice. I will never cease to be amazed at the kindness of God to His children. The God of Heaven and earth cared enough about a little child crying because someone upset her that He, the sinless one, was willing to apologize for the sin of another.

It also shows us that He is willing to mend relationships, and always willing to help us be good. Recall in the example, part of my tears were because I wanted so desperately to be good and honor him by keeping my side of the relationship clean. I didn’t want to sin, but by heart was upset. I think I must have needed to hear “I’m sorry”, because this is what He did. Then He stroked my heart with healing balm. To this day, I am amazed that He responded to my need in this way. Tell me, children, what is He not willing to do, what length is too far or height to great that He will not do it for you?

Your tears will be avenged, but you must first be still. You must grant forgiveness for the sake of yourself and obedience to the Son. Has your heart been wounded? Let Him heal it. Do your tears flow? Let Him make them cease, and restore your smile. What would you like God to do for you now? Are you in need of the healing balm of the Spirit? He will give it to you. He will avenge your tears, but that is not for you to think of. Let God worry about the justice…just remember to be a lamb. Let him worry about fighting off the wolves…sit in peace and enjoy the table He sets for you in their presence.

~Lady Redeemed

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