For the Doubting and Discouraged


are you discouraged? Or doubting the things that our great Savior has promised to us? If you find yourself in this position, consider the following scene. It is a depiction of how Jesus interacts with us as His children, in all His compassion when we find ourselves in this place.

“Be still” Jesus whispered. Looking at his child, he said:

“Why do you doubt mercy and kindness for you now, even after all this time? Is my love not enough? Is my grace not sufficient? Has my smile lost its power to heal your pain? Have I ever fled you in the night, or taken my hand from before you in the darkness? Tell me, child, have I given you cause to doubt me? To doubt my goodness? Have I not proven myself to you time and again? Am I not greater than your enemies? Have I ever once left you? Or failed you? Or lied? I AM what I say that I am! And all that I have spoken to you is true. Yet still…still, you waiver! Yet still, you doubt that I love you, that I am good and right in all of my ways. Why do you doubt me still?” He continued, as a tear glistened in His eye. He picked her up and held her. Her eyes meeting his, he spoke to her again. “Where, where has that faith as a child gone? Can you no longer move a mountain? Has the enemy deceived my little child?! Have you believed his wretched, wretched lies?! She opened her mouth to speak, but he lifted his hand. “Hush. Hush now and do not doubt what I have said any longer. For all that I have said to you is true, and that which I promised, I will do.”

“Blessed is she who believed that there would be a fulfillment of what was spoken to her from the Lord”.   (Luke 1:45).

I bid you go as Jesus said in this scene, and no longer doubt all that he has told to you. Do not doubt in the night the things that He promised you in the light. Let not your hearts be troubled. Jesus loves you, and He is pleased with the sacrifice of His Son on our behalf. You can cease your striving and laboring to earn the favor of God. Rest. Your heart has been provided for by the blood of Jesus.

And Father now I ask once more of you that you might grant this work that my hands have written to be fruitful. Remember your promise that your word will not be allowed to return to you void. Grant rest to those who read this; to striving, heavy hearts and weary minds. Help them to believe everything that you have said about them and everything you have said about yourself. May all of this be answered for the sake of your glory, that your renown might cover the earth. In the name of Jesus…to Him be glory and power forever, Amen.

~Lady Redeemed

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