God’s Concern With The Treatment of The Righteous

Dear Readers,

Along with an apology for my recent absence from this platform comes a blog post. It is something that I’ve been thinking of lately, and I felt it was important to share it with you all. As with all of my blog posts, this one is centered on how precious I find the heart of God as I have discovered a new piece of His great truth. We center today on the brief mention of two women in the Bible whose reason for being mentioned is important, as is all of His word if we look closely enough. Turning to the very beginning of the book of Exodus, we find the story of two women named Shipra and Puah; for those who do not know the story, they were Egyptian midwives who consequently played a part in the rescuing of many Hebrew lives. Growing fearful of the strength and number of the Israelite nation even in their slavery, Pharaoh ordered the midwives to kill the male babies when they helped the women give birth to them, but to let the female children live. But Exodus tells us that they did not do this; they disobeyed pharaoh and then lied about it, thus protecting the lives of many Hebrew children. Why? Because unlike most of the Egyptian empire, Shipra and Puah feared God; the one true and living God, more than they feared the wrath of their human pharaoh. And guess what happened? In Exodus 1: 20-21 we are told: “So God dealt well with the midwives. And the people multiplied and grew very strong. And because the midwives feared God, he gave them families.” What I would like you to see here is the obvious compassion of God even on the unjust, those who were not his people, as a result of their God-fearing action. I believe that if we look at this passage we begin to understand God’s defensiveness and love of his people to the point that he is willing to pour blessings on the unrighteous simply because they have shown kindness to his children! Then we see how harshly God dealt with Pharaoh and the armies of the Egyptian soldiers who came after the Israelites to kill them. He had a sort of rage for those who had abused and enslaved his people. It’s almost like He thought “how dare they” as he heard his people crying in their suffering and slavery at the hands of the Egyptians. He heard every cry and whimper that uttered from the mouth of each one of his children as they labored tirelessly and were beaten without mercy. I don’t believe we can underestimate how much this broke His tender heart. But to the midwives who showed kindness to His people, oh how his heart looked kindly on them, even though they did not worship him. What about Rahab? Do you remember her? Rahab was a harlot in a heathen city about to be destroyed for the sake of the chosen people. Again, God destroyed Israel’s enemies; but Rahab hid the Israelite spies, and fearing God, she asked them for mercy. God responded with a graciousness that is only characteristic of Him. Rahab, in spite of all her sin, was spared. She had too much of a fear of the God of Israel to be involved in the persecution of His people. Now, admittedly these examples could be explained by God having mercy on those that feared him, but tonight I consider that they were spared because of the way they treated his people. Similarly, we cannot deny the anger of God against those who abused His people. I believe that God is so defensive that he views those who blessed his people with kindness and those who mistreated them with a red-hot anger. He told Abraham in Genesis chapter 1 verse 3, “I will bless those who bless you, and him who dishonors you I will curse”.

So we’ve learned something about God, He was defensive of His people and cares about the way they are treated, but it is my desire that you begin to take this very personally. You see, when Jesus died, the veil in the temple was ripped in half, symbolizing that his people could forevermore enter the throne room, the place of His presence, and do so without condemnation under the covenant of His blood. And then, in the moment Jesus saved you, you became His. You became counted in His promise of holy defensiveness. I want you to recognize how passionately God cares about you, and the way that you are treated. The same God whose rage burned against those who had enslaved His people in Egypt all those years ago is equally angered when the wicked cast you down. Do not underestimate seriousness with which God views any form of abuse that you or any of His people face. I want you to begin to view this personally. The tears of your suffering break His heart every bit as much the tears of the Hebrew people did as they cried out for His mercy. I believe that he weeps with us and that his face becomes twisted with pain as He hears our crying. And he promises that He will avenge you, and come against the people who caused you pain with a furious justice. Similarly, the kindness of others towards His servants now is equally noticed, and he looks with favor on them. I have had people throughout the years protect me from the abuse of others, and show me kindness, even though they were not saved. I am convinced that even if these people must suffer the judgment of Hell because they do not accept Christ, my Holy father will have compassion upon them even in His judgment, and their affliction will be lessened because of the compassion they showed to His child. He loves you enough to become moved with compassion and pity upon those who aided you, even in their condemned state, just as Shipra and Puah, and Rahab. He loves you enough to take it personally when the wicked tread on you and will punish accordingly. Realize that will punish all injustice; when the wicked tread on the wicked. But understand that when someone causes you as His child pain, it becomes very, very personal. Your value to him is as rubies and priceless estate. He bought you with His very own blood, He isn’t just going to leave you, or take lightly even the smallest tear. Oh how dangerous it is to cause harm or pain to even one of his children, and how safe it is when kindness is shown to them. Let his defensiveness of you cause you great confidence, and greater yet, love Him ever more as you see His compassion.

May He anoint my words an each one of you with His spirit. Father, Do not let your word return to you void, for you promised that it would not…

Until next time,

~ Lady Redeemed

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