Poem: Bold Because of Love

Don’t shake, don’t shiver…don’t let your little heart quiver.

For I see you, and I made you, and I love you.

Come closer child, and let me hold you…with the hands that made the seas.

Forget about the world again, and focus your eyes on me.

Look here, you see my hands? The nail prints that they hold?

These were the nails I bore, to make your heart be bold.

Bold because of strength? No, love. Bold because you’re good?

No. Bold because I loved you before anyone else could.

I’ve made you bold enough to face armies great and strong…

Bold enough to walk through Hell, and keep singing my song.

Braver than a lion, love. That’s what you’re meant to be.

Draw closer now and take my hand. Come, and FOLLOW ME…

***This is the property of ladyredeemed.wordpress.com***

Please remain ethical, as it enables me to post more poems.

~Lady Redeemed

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